About Pretzil

Pretzil Press Kit (zip format)

Pretzil is a company providing users with new and interesting ways of discovering content for their smartphones. We leverage location, social and smartphone metrics to empower users to discover great, new content for their smarpthone.

Friends: look for apps "powered by pretzil" in your favorite app stores. We've got a long roadmap that starts with the launch of our first app, Apps Around for iOS, and will include cool new ways to find apps, games, music and more.

Developers: head over to developer.pretzil.com and get started with our API. In just 3 easy steps, you can have your application integrated with Pretzil and immediately get noticed by Pretzil's fast growing, 1.5 million user base.

Pretzil is a website, API and a suite of mobile applications. We have a massive, cloud-based database that lets us catalogue apps as well as track smartphone metrics and behavior across multiple platforms. This data is used to power our own apps as well as others'.

Pretzil was founded in 2010 in Ottawa, Canada by veterans of the mobile app industry. Join us as we shape a new venture that is experiencing massive user growth from a union of the social network and mobile app growth markets.