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Pretzil Passes 850,000 Users and 10M App Checkins

OTTAWA, ON, June 2, 2011 - Pretzil is announcing that it has passed 850,000 users and 10 million app checkins on its platform. Pretzil is the first truly cross-platform social network that allows users to checkin to the apps they love whether it be on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and others.

Pretzil is also an entirely gamified platform where users get rewarded for participating. Checking in to an app earns you points that can be redeemed for virtual goods. This feature is very popular among Pretzil users and growing rapidly in what it offers as rewards.

Of the 10 million app checkins, over 40% of Pretzil users are sharing their location. This enables Pretzil to feed the real-time web with trending data across the 214 countries represented in Pretzil’s user base. It also allows Pretzil to answer the question: “what apps are popular around me?”.

Pretzil will be expanding its database of apps that users can checkin to, as well as a mobile suite to allow for more immediate checkins and app recommendations. Currently, Pretzil has raised $300,000 in angel funding and is entering a Series A round of investment.


About Pretzil

Pretzil launched in October 2010 and is an app discovery platform that lets users checkin to the apps they’re using and allows them to broadcast their activity, earn points, socialize with other players, discover new content and get rewarded with virtual goods.

Pretzil comes in the form of a desktop and mobile site as well as an API. From the Pretzil site, users can interact with other players, fan things (our version of “Like”), comment on activity, checkin to the apps they’re using, and earn and spend points in our loyalty program. From the mobile version of Pretzil, players can checkin and broadcast the apps they’re using directly from their device, earning themselves points and interacting with other players in the system. Developers can use the Pretzil API to get access to our database of apps, trending information and player profile information in order to complement their own applications and content.


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